Counting Crows provides antidote to Miley Cyrus toxins

Who looks back on their artistic accomplishments and feels that crazy flush of pride after having written such deep lyrics as “Noddin’ my head like yeah
Moving my hips like yeah”? Well that could possibly be the writer/producer/zombie responsible for possibly the worst song of all time “Party in the USA”.  They might have been thinking hey lets take some poetic lyrics, combine it with a sixteen year old girl cage dancing, and with synthesized vocal effects that sound like burning cats scratching furiously on a blackboard larnyx. Why that’s got hit written ALLLLLL over it! And well, hey, sadly I think it was.

So changin’ the channel like yeah, I encountered Counting Crows “Round Here” with thoughtful lyrical content that provided an antidote to Miley Cyrus. Normally would not be a song that makes a typical runner’s playlist. However, today it was a real neuron saver and a pleasure at the start of my long treadmill run.

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