Unlikely voice of reason saves the hour

I strained a “creamy hamstring” so very thoroughly that I took a week off from everything: distance running, dog walking, frankenstein-grade awkward karate, and my unique mega-tense yoga practice.  I thought that treadmill running might be a good way to get back into action.

The hour got off to a rough start with unwatchable music videos on every channel. Luka, Modern Love, Renegade by Styx, and Weird Science of all things. My sanity is precious to me so I had no choice but to turn to my good friend Dr. G. Medical Examiner. But go figure Dr. G was a rerun, yeah I knew the guy died of heatstroke so there was no point in going any further. I turned back to the Old Timey channel which I now know is really called “Rock of Ages” and found YES, Led Zeppelin.

In “What is and What Should Never Be” LZ is an unlikely voice of reason and offers good advice for lovers of any age “you will be mine by us taking our time”. I thought of my beautiful daughter, nearly 15 who recently admitted for the first time that she is interested in a young man. He’s a fine person, but a real person and did I mention a boy? With the crushing fun comes the potential of heartbreak and loss and as her mother I wish for her to have only the love and the joy but never the sorrow.  That’s about as realistic and desirable as a pink pony with a long flowing mane of rainbow colored hair. Sure it’s beautiful but let’s face it, the thing still has the potential to poop in the pasture.

All of this precious life is temporary and precious. Enjoy it to the maximum. Thank you Led Zeppelin

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